Do you agree that Grunge genre humiliated Rock music as it was?

Seriously I wonder how so many people like that shit. I’ve listened to bands like Soundgarden, Soul Asylum (their early records before the “Runaway Train” hit.) and obviously Nirvana (perhaps most overrated band ever.). I really wonder how this became a dominant genre especially in the early 90s.

There were good late 80s-early 90s bands of that era like Alias, Giant or Damn Yankees, who were among the last good rock bands, and this was happening, because they weren’t related to Grudge genre. But honestly I believe Grudge was the genre that humiliated Rock music totally. Why? Because most “Alternative Rock” bands since mid-90s followed their damn footsteps. Although they sound more mellow now, notice how Grudge was influential to Rock music scene in general, since mid-90s. A really bad influence in other words, and that’s why modern Rock SUCKS.
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  • Hey, don't blame my music for the crap that gets made today! Haha! I kid but, seriously, everyone has their own tastes and there's a lot of music out there other than rock and roll. I tend to drift back and forth between all genres of music. One day I'll listen to something like Slayer or Cannibal Corpse and the next it's Bob Dylan or The Beatles or Tom Waits or Three 6 Mafia or Bobby Darin or anything that feels right at the moment. There is a lot of great music out there!

    • Well yeah it depends on my mood. I listen to either Electronic or Rock related genres. But I'm an 80s man in general. It ranges from Synth-pop to Hi-NRG... or from Hard Rock to AOR. Still I find Soul, Jazz or Country genres very boring. Never got them.

    • I never liked Jazz or Country (other than bluegrass) too much either but Soul.. well, it's got soul lol.

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  • Hmm... I think I agree and see your point! Although no alternative band I listen to sounds even remotely grungy. I would argue that a lot of alternative bands these days, are sort of picking up where the 80's left off, before the grunge movement.

    With grunge, it was like electronics suddenly disappeared. Almost a "regression".

    • Where the 80s left off? How many bands sound like The Cars or Toto nowdays for example?

    • I guess I'm thinking more along the lines of The Cure, Billy Idol, etc, and a bunch of other synth-pop/rock acts. I think things more on the punk-side of the spectrum have progressed nicely. That's more where I fall I suppose.

  • Nah. It's a genre in itself. There are many other subgenres and they are doing dandy.


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