Is anyone else excited that we might be getting a Planet Hulk storyline?

I actually cried after reading the Planet Hulk comics. It's the saddest Marvel story arc imho.

We have no idea where he is in the movies after Age of Ultron but he's confirmed to have a major role in Thor 3. I'm assuming Thor might find him on another planet. We might even get a Thor vs Hulk battle (I'm hoping we do)
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For those of you who don't know what Planet Hulk is, it's this story arc where the Avengers exile him to another planet so the Earth can be safe. He was pretty much living there for a long time and it drove him insane.


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  • Or there's something going on where only he can really make the difference so they spend the entire movie looking for him to help Thor with something lol. But agreed that his story is so sad.. He's the only one who really feels like (for good reason) he has to hide his powers in order to be better for the world.

    • That could be the case. I'm still hoping we see them fight though.

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    • Yea but can you imagine what it'll be like when he does calm down and see what he did?

    • That's true. I guess we'll just wait till the movie is out :D (which is a long time :/ )

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  • I can't wait for that movie. I believe it's gonna be quite interesting ;)


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