Does anyone here like rock or metal music? If so, which bands do you like or listen to the most?

Anything from hard rock to punk rock to death metal, I am curious to know if any of you on here like any kind of rock or metal, and if so, which bands do you like or listen to the most?


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  • I like rock and metal! :) Some of my genres may be a little off here:

    Pirate metal: Alestorm and Verbal Deception.

    Power metal: Cain's Offering, Dark Moor, Dragonforce, Dragonland, Freedom Call, Nightwish, ReinXeed, Sonata Arctica.

    Hair & glam metal: Steel Panther! <3

    Heavy metal: Dio, Lordi, Manowar, Meat Loaf.

    Folk rock/indie folk: Frank Turner.

    Punk rock: Good Charlotte, Green Day, The Offspring


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  • A shitload of old-school thrash and hard rock bands. Too lazy to name all of them now.

    I like the avatar and username, by the way. Layne was a kickass vocalist. Even though he rarely ventured out of his mid-range, some of the highs he hit in earlier demo material rivals peak-of-career Chris Cornell, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, etc. material.

    • Nice, dude. And of course, man. To me, best vocalist of all time. Him and Cornell. No comparisons. They're easily the two greatest ever if you ask me.

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    • So true, man. So true. He may be gone, but his music is here forever.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • I'm mostly into post-rock, that includes bands like Sigur Rós, 65daysofstatic, Caspian, We Lost the Sea, God Is An Astronaut, Explosions In the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, This Will Destroy You, to some degree Battles, et cetera.

    • Outside of post-rock I also like Radiohead, Muse, the Moth & the Flame, Foals and Wolf Alice, to name a few.

    • Not bad. Not bad at all. I have heard a lot of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. And also have heard a lot of Radiohead, Muse and Wolf Alice.

  • For me it changes often. My favorite band is Asking Alenandria.

    Recently the only bands I've been listening to are: Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Beartooth, We Are Harlot, Coheed and Cambria.

    I have other bands i listen to and have played out such as: Black Veil Brides, From First To Last, Falling In Reverse, Ghost Town, etc...

    • Search "death metal", "black metal" or "thrash metal" bands into google or whatever search engine. Listen to whatever results it gives.
      You will not regret it.

  • Not sure if it counts as metal, but I really love avenged sevenfold.

  • I prefer more in the direction of melodic/progressive bands.

    Amia Venera Landscape, Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, Painted in Exile, Daysend, The Ocean, etc.

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