What do you think of these two articles regarding Ronda Rousey still being bitter over her loss and?

now being angry towards another female UFC fighter, Paige VanZant for "crossing her" by congratulating Holly Holm for her victory against her (Rousey) at the time?

I honestly think this is the most pathetic and miserable thing I've ever read. Rousey still refuses to give any credit or respect towards Holm for handing her first lost and now she attacks other female MMA fighters (who are fans of hers) that congratulate Holm for taking the UFC title from her. Not only did she attack Paige for that but she most likely attacked her also probably because Paige is slowly starting to get the new spotlight as another attractive female UFC fighter and even participated in the famous dance show, Dancing With The Stars, which most likely made Rousey jealous.

I used to be a bit of a fan of Rousey before her UFC media overhype. Now, my respect level for her has completely dropped, both as a person and an athlete. I don't care what Rousey's retarded fanboy/girls think and how many more excuses they'll come up with for her poor sportsmanship and behavior. She's nothing but a delusional bully that think she's such a bad bitch that can pick on anyone who she feels like for whatever stupid reason, including the male UFC fighters since she knows very well they won't do anything back to her because of her gender.

If she still getting emotionally worked up over ONE LOSS and not being the media hog anymore, she should just hang up the MMA gloves for good and never come back if she simply can't display any good sportsmanship or handle a single loss.


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  • I like her fighting spirit as it's kinda important for her line of work but this woman seriously needs to learn a touch of sportsman ship.

    • She has Judo talent along with Judo Olympic Medal accomplishment. I'll give her that but she has absolutely NO stand-up skills whatsoever yet Oscar De La Hoya (former multiple division boxing champ and current owner of The Ring magazine) had the audacity to put her in a Boxing magazine, The Ring for the sake of money and media exposure when there are plenty of other talented female athletes that are actually boxers that he could have put on the The Ring magazine cover, like Holly Holm (same person that handed Rousey her first loss) or Lucia Rijker

    • yeah k, that's just lame.

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  • I loved Rousey for the longest time and really respected her and her work and loved her fighting style. BUT after the loss to Holm I got that she was upset and blah blah blah, what totally SHOCKED ME was when I read her comment about how in the medical room or whatever, she was feeling depressed and lost and unsure of everything, but then "I looked up and I was like I have to live to have his babies" [Travis Browne] and I was like YOU SAID WHHHHAAAAT? And my respect just plummeted. Maybe a little judgmental, but for all the motivational stuff she spews about not being a do nothing bitch and everything, she's going to live just to have some dude's babies? And also her social media posts leading up to the fight had gotten progressively more.. rude? and crass? and not what I expect of a fighter with honor and dignity. Plus she can't act for shit. Anyways, that's my rant. I still hope though that she gets over this and really focuses on fighting like she claims so that she can come back and be better, but she better not have that attitude.

  • I think at the back of it all along she may have had emotional and mental problems all along and things were not so bad for her when rising to the top of the mountain but she landed hard on the way back to the bottom. Of course the Media loves this and Rhonda in her damagedd and fragile mental state is all to willing to feed them what they want. I wouldn't be too hard on Rhonda, I think she will have a failed comeback and disappear until the next thing we hear in five or six years is that after becoming a drug addict she overdosed and died.

    • Well, I don't think any of us here are fucked up enough to wish death and drug addiction suffering on Rousey or anyone for that matter. All everyone in the MMA or sports community really expects from Ronda is humility, respect and sportsmanship so she can admit her flaws and defeat. It's that all too much to ask for?

    • Yes it is too much to ask for Rousey because she's obviously mentally ill and can't see past her loss and the fact that she feels betrayed by other fighters congratulation holmes for beating her shows how far she's gone. She was always a big fish in a small pond in women's MMA but a true champion like Holly and others is one that can dust themselves down after a loss and get back on their feet. I don't wish her to O. D on drugs but I see where its going, fame and the Media have chewed up and spat out stronger people than Rhonda.

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