What do you think of Fifth Harmony's new single?

Personally, I love it.
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  • eh, i don't like it that much. i feel like i've heard it before


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  • where is the "this is just like Rihanna, BeyoncĂ© and so many other useless pseudo-"artists" from the pop industry" choice?

    • Not an option. Rihanna has no talent and Beyonce is talented but her songs are shit. So I guess you only listen to the old crap, that's fine too.

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    • uhm... you think Rihanna writes her own songs? HAHAHAHAAHAAAHA none of the POP industry's "artists" write their own songs... none of them
      nor do they COMPOSE their beats...
      Difference between ROCK and POP :

    • I actually kinda dig this song by Beyonce since it's about female empowerment. I know singers that write their own songs (and yes, I know Rihanna isn't one of them. That's why I said "sung" and not "written".)
      You're trying to show me Beyonce isn't special, like I didn't know.. You can listen to whatever you like, I'll do the same. Just don't offend artists by saying they sound like Rihanna.

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