Which marvel comic to start?

Im reaaally into marvel movies lately so i wanted to start reading the comics as well so i went to the library and i was just so confused and overwhelmed soo
Can you tell me some that are good for 'beginners'?

(I really like captain america, spiderman, i heard somerhing about spiderwoman that sounds nice too, if there's one about the prehistory of scarlet witch and quicksilver TELL ME, deadpools also cool and black widow)


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  • I personally like to read anything from the Marvel MAX imprint since they are over the top violent in a way that makes them totally laughably ridiculous at times. Marvel MAX are basically Mature only or Adults only version of Marvel comics stories. And I think Garth Ennis's Punisher was probably the one that stand out the most. You can also check out Marvel Knights which are less over-the-top with gore and violent content.

    I pulled a portion of list from Wikipedia here:

    Black Widow: Pale Little Spider (2002)
    Blade (2002)
    Cage (2002)
    Deadpool Max (2010)[8]
    Fury (2001)
    Fury Volume 2 (2012)
    Howard the Duck (limited series, 2002)
    The Punisher: Born (limited series, 2003)
    The Punisher
    Thor: Vikings (2003, limited series)
    U. S. War Machine and U. S. War Machine 2.0
    Wolverine MAX (2012)
    X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy of Fire (issues 2 and 3 of a 3 issue mini-series, 2003)
    Zombie (limited series, 2006) and Zombie: Simon Garth (2007)

    If you like Deadpool then go for Marvel MAX edition's first issue and see if you like it.

    • Yeah or considering just how much of an asshole and bad writer Garth Ennis is you might not

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    • @Waffles731

      Just to be honest like I said, I really just liked his version of The Punisher character compared to the other variations, editions or version of that character. I haven't read enough of his other stories and other characters. But that's just me.

      Ennis isn't the exclusive writer for all of the MAX or Marvel comics that were created for the more mature and adult audiences, in other words Rated-R styled Marvel comic stories.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Uncanny Inhumans
    Amazing Spiderman
    All New All Different Avengers. These are all recent titles from the All New All Different Marvel era of comics

  • get the trade paperbacks for Civil War.

    Road to Civil War
    Civil War
    Iron Man/Captain America

    Those are the most important ones.

  • too bad you don't live aroudn LA.. i've been trying to get rid of my marvel collection from when i was a kid.

  • Buy the latest editions


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