There's no sound comming out of my headphones. Should I buy new ones?

I just bought these $7 headphones from DDs discount a month ago and suddenly there is no sound comming out. Ugh! I just boughy these damm headphones! When I plugged it all the way in my phone and laptop, no sound and when I move it, sound comes put but I have to hold it. HELP! I don't wanna buy new ones.
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  • $7 is cheap. Spend more on it. Don't be so cheap
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  • Get some that will last long.
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  • My thought process behind headphones was to always buy more expensive ones that will last longer. By doing so, they last the price of several cheap headphones plus they have MUCH better audio quality. Granted, I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to audio quality but still.

    If you are looking for quality headphones that won't completely destroy the bank (and will last a long time), I suggest looking at Sony MDR7506. They don't particularly cancel sound at well, but their overall sound is quite balanced (albeit having a very slight weak bass). Definitely a steal for the price. I own a pair myself, and while I've graduated to better headphones, these still are kickass and have lasted through the years.

    Nevertheless, for your current headphones, it sounds like you have a connection problem from the end of the headphones. The only suggestion I can give as a fix is to get electrical tape, try to wiggle the phones to a spot they work, and then tape the connection together so it doesn't move. From my experience with equipment, it tends to be the first part to break.

    If that doesn't work, there's not much you can do except buy new ones. :(


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  • Are they still under warranty? If so, can you try and see if you can get them replaced at the store you bought them from?

  • Tape.

    • Tape. Tried it. won't work

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    • I dont know. If it doesn't work, then I'm buying new ones

    • Buy new ones. Save the time.

  • Are they muted? Or is your computer?

    • No I turned the volume up on both. Nothing

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    • and that was the problem*

    • Well if it doesn't work, then I'm guying new ones.

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