What is one scripted TV show that you absolutely hate?

I'm not going to include reality shows because it's already been established that most people hate them. One TV show that I absolutely hate is 2 Broke Girls, I honestly don't see how this show stays on the air, the humor is very dry and the computerized audience laughs at every single little thing, it's not funny at all. The show is trash, the characters are trash, the plots are trash, it's just a sexist mess.
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  • haha i was going to say 2 broke girls. has to be some of the worst writing in the history of primetime TV

    I also hate 2 1/2 men another show with really contrived writing and themes

    • The writers must be drunk

    • funny that all three shows mentioned so far big bang, 2bg and 2 1/2 were all on the same network and two of the shows were created by chuck lorre... and chuck lorre consulted on 2bg

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  • UGH I hate 2 b

    • Broke girls. I also can't stand the big bang theory. Completely sexist garbage and try hard

    • i liked bbt for about 6 episodes and then realized "that's it" rinse, wash, repeat. nerd joke, blonde joke, nerd joke, blonde joke, etc etc etc

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