Did you or have you watched Friday the 13th movies?

Did you or have you watched Friday the 13th movies?
In honor of yesterday's holiday, want to see how many people actually know some things from the epic horror series. Post a video of your favorite kill.

Also looking for some interesting facts that no one else may know.


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  • I have seen all of them except for the remake. Im a dedicated horror fan and can't stand Michael Bay (he butchered Nightmare and from what I hear Friday)
    I dont have a favorite kill but my favorite is part 6 Jason Lives.
    The ones with Kane Hodder were good (parts 7-10) but by that time the series ran its course.
    In part 9 Jason Goes To Hell at the end (when Freddy's arm comes out and grabs Jason's mask) it was supposed to be the hint of "Freddy vs. Jason" but it didn't happen until a decade later.

    • Totally agree. Why is it that everything Michael Bay touches is garbage? Ruined TMNT and Transformers, and he almost ruined horror.

      Loved the post, thanks.

    • Michael Bay doesn't respect the genre (any of them really) and you're welcome.

    • Nailed it.

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  • Nope, not even one of them. Except for one relatively new film - the first 3d horror movie about some mine shaft worker killing people or someshit.

    • My Bloody Valentine is what you are talking about, and it is a remake from 1981. Definitely not in the series I mentioned above.

    • Perhaps, I do remember it had something about Valentine in it.

  • I don't think I've ever watched one.

    • Wow. Not a horror fan I take it?

    • Lol, far from it. I love horror films. I watch them all the time. I've just never got a chance to watch the Friday the 13th movies. I've been wanting to for years, but I've never gotten around to it.

  • Those movies were awesome.


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