Anyone getting the new doom?

I'm planning on getting it today.
It seems this remake is actually damn good from what I'e heard

IHaving played a couple of hours of it,
YEP, this game kicks utter and complete ass,
The best shooter since wolfenstein the old blood


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  • Aye definitely,

    I just finished setting up my new PC,

    Doom should be incredible with 3 monitors surrounding me haha.

    • What about Doom re-shade?

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    • @DooMguy tell me about it, I have so many games in my steam library but just cannot be bothered or having the time to get into them after work haha.

      One title I have jumped on the bandwagon hard for is the new Battlefield, been playing all the boyfriend games since I was a little kid, and it's fucking nice to go back in time for once, especially a good WW1 shooter.

      It will be like Verdun only 100,000x better 😂, I assume with your interest in Verdun you're likely gonna pick it up to huh? Haha

    • All the boyfriend games? Haha wtf phone, battlefield* 😂😂😂

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  • Naw, I'm not crazy about shooters that only involve ordinary guns.

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    • Ordinary guns you mean like laser pistols, machine guns that fire minirockets and energy weapons all with no relaoading

    • @BertMacklinFBI Warframe

      :D If the gun is cool enough I can deal with the reloading but I still hate that. I don't like ordinary looking/the ammo they use type guns. So anything that shoots normal bullets is kind of boring. I tend to like bows, melee's, etc more, I feel more like a badass with them. Since with a melee you see a lot of awesome combo's and with bows the stance looks awesome. :D

      Plus I really love it more when the character even has magic skills or some kind of ability. Which the ability parts is the reason why I like warframe even though it's a shooter type game.

  • Nah, I don't think so.

  • have fun my brother has been playing it every spare minute he has


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