18th Birthday party ideas?

My friends 18th is coming up and she needs party suggestions if anyone has some. Thanks!


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  • Well, it all depends on what she's likes and if she wants to have a theme birthday party like:
    - Luau, hollywood, toga, royalty, zombie vs. Humans, superhereos, bonfure/barbecue, under the water, fresh prince party (90s party), wizard party, murder mystery (where guest have to dress up & guess who the murder is), silly hat party. I once did a "wigging out" party, where everyone came dressed in different wigs. :)

    It's hard to help cuz I don't know know her & what she likes lol. What type of stuff does she like? :)
    Maybe she can make her own theme, like take her top 18 favorite things and incorporate into a party or have a emoji party. :) lol

  • ice cream!