I need an ending phrase for YouTube channel?

My channel is an alternative channel, and I post videos helping people through depression, self harm, and daily life. I do challenges and comedy skits as well. At the end of my videos/broadcasts, I want to say something to always end it. I'm getting pretty big now and yeah XD My username is PizzaGraveyard so it would be cool if the ending phrase had something to do with pizza or graveyards?
For example, a youtuber I watch always says "Stay strong, stay beautiful stay you." Another one says "Stay happy not crappy" etc. I want to say something that encourages people to keep on living and (doesnt need to involve pizza or graveyards but that would be cool."


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  • "Go to the graveyard with your friends, bring a pizza to eat, and have a party! "

    "Remember, share a pizza with a ghost... and be the party host! "

    "If you find a hungry ghoul, bring it some pizza before it drools"

    "Death is not the answer, pizza will make you happier"

    "Please. Don't cut anything but a slice of pizza"

    "Beat the darkness with a summery pizza party! "

    "If you take your life, pizza will not be on the other side."


  • I'd need to see your channel and come back to give you an idea what you should include for a tagline at the end of every video clip.


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