What are some tips on how to hold suspense for a reader without dragging the plot along?

Ok so I have two issues. I am writting a novel and I have no idea how to hold suspense from a reader without giving it away to the reader.

When I do hold suspense it's hard to do it without giving the plot away.

Second, I have an issue with my villain. I don't know how to write his plans without repeating the information back to the protagonist. My novel is in third person.

For example: the antihero and the villain are usually in the same scenes in my book. Then the anti hero wants to help the protagonist so the antihero gives the protagonist information.

I'm struggling to write in third person without jumping from the villain to the protagonist. I don't want my villain to tell the protagonist their plans because to me that makes no sense.

How do I make a smooth transition so that the protagonist finds out the information from the villain without having to repeat myself in the novel.

TLDR: I'm writting a third person novel and I'm struggling with how to connect the villain with the protagonist because in my book they are usually in different scenes. I don't want my villain to give the protagonist his plans.


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  • How far are you into the novel?

    • Halfway done

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    • That is easy by having the villain lie. After all villains gonna villain.

    • You were right about earlier, I just realized I gave away a mystery that the reader was supposed to find out later. Now I have to go back and fix it.

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