Which Nirvana Album is better Nevermind or In Utero and why?

Which Album is better and why?


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  • Nevermind.

    Opens with Smells Like Teen Spirit, closes with Something In The Way, and has a great arc of tunes in the middle. It's just a better structured album.

    • What are your favorite songs on Nevermind mine is Come As You Are and a close second is In Bloom

    • Smells Like Teen Spirit. It came out when I was in junior high, right when I was learning about music and blew my mind.

    • What other songs do you like?

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  • I can understand why people would say In Utero (or Bleach for that matter) but for me Nevermind is their best. It made the band. It's an incredible record. Truly has stood the test of time. People will be listening to it as long as humans have ears.

    • True Nevermind is and always will be their biggest album but In Utero might have been bigger if they had one or two more music videos though

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    • Well, speaking of context lol. Take a step back and think about that comment for a moment.

    • Why's that I'm just saying

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