How do I write a query letter? I'm halfway done with my novel. When should I worry about writting a query letter?

I'm halfway done with my novel and I'm already freaking out. Is it like a sales pitch?


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  • Depends on your target audience n the genre of your novel, typically the letter is a coherent synopsis coupled with a brief statement about yourself.

    I too am working on a novel, three actually. It's is quite the endeavor, but don't be dissuaded.

    • Ugh writing a novel is hard enough :(

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    • Like I do not think I could ever be a journalist or paid freelance writer

    • Same, writing is my creative outlet, I'd like to publish but I'd never take away the magic by making it work. But really, I write books to illustrate philosophical concepts that have long since been neglecting as the modern day man has transitioned to a ruthless n mindless pragmatist.

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  • Yesterday I couldn't even spell writting, and today I'm doing it!


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