Since this has been a day of gun debates, why not have firearm lesson #2?

If you are shooting uphill or downhill with a rifle, what is it commonly necessary to do to hit your target?
Good answer but not the one I'm looking for lol.
Where's my fellow gun nuts?


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  • The only thing I can think of is that the drop will be *slightly* different. The drop is constant in a vertical direction. On level ground the drop is perpendicular to the ground. On a hill, it is not perpendicular, so the drop in relation to the ground will be different than on a horizontal surface.

    • Correct. When shooting up or downhill, it's necessary to aim lower at any given distance than shooting a flat, horizontal plane. The steeper the angle, the lower you have to aim. The formula is... yds x (cosine x degrees) = horizontal distance to target.

      So, say target is 650 yards and it's a 30 degree angle. Cosine of 30 degrees is.866. So,
      650 x.866 = 562.9
      So you would adjust the elevation on the scope to 560 yds (rounded is close enough). Which on my 308 would be 12.6 minutes of elevation and adjust for windage if necessary and, bingo a hit. So you're setting the scope for only 560 yards even thought the target distance for line of sight is 650 yds. so you're aiming lower. Understand?

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    • LOL. I'll just stick with black powder at a hundred yards. As long as I hit paper I'm satisfied. :)

    • Lol, I shoot those too. Actually, my current project is my flintlock. I've been grinding down the front sight to change the point of impact and I'm almost there maybe another.010-.015" and I'll have it done. It's been six weeks since I started it but enjoyable and relaxing.

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  • The key is to use a 300 win mag and not worry about trajectories. Shoots flat out to 400yds

    • Weeeeel... not really true. You're right in the fact that a 300 win mag is a very flat shooting rifle with a lot of power. It's a somewhat popular for long range target shooting, long range hunting and even some snipers use it (Chris Kyle the movie "American Sniper" is about used a 300win mag. I'm not sure if that was his only rifle he used but I believe it was his main rifle). The way it works is two identical items drop at the same speed, gravity is gravity. If you had a rifle with its barrel mounted in a vise exactly parallel to the ground and a bullet (as in the projectile only) that was the same type, weight and size that you will fire, if the rifle was fired and the bullet dropped at exactly the same time, they would hit the ground at exactly the same time. One at your feet and the other down range. A bullet actually starts to fall as soon as it comes out of the barrel. What changes the trajectory is the scope or sights... Continued...

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    • Also that's a lot of great info, thanks😊

    • Yep you're welcome. Sorry for the novel lol. I get carried away. I could go on for hours and write a whole book. I don't hunt much anymore other than birds with my dogs. But I've applied for a pronghorn muzzleloader tag. Going by last year's stats, I have a 61% chance to be drawn for a tag, it's a lottery system. I'm excited.

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  • You'd have to take into account the increase or decrease in drop. Uphill you'd need to aim a little higher, downhill you'd need to aim less high and closer to straight.

    I guess you must set your sights to take into account drop & distance? So if your scope was 'neutral' on level ground you'd aim slightly low downhill?

    I've never shot anything but a 22 target rifle when i was a teen, at a range :D

    • Actually, you have to aim lower either shooting up or downhill. I gave a complete answer on NearlyNapping's post. There's actually a simple formula if you know the distance and the angle of the shot.

  • Really? On GAG?
    Iron sights, or scope? What range?
    Short range, not much compensation, but if you know, you do it without thinking!!
    Like shooting a Makarov at various ranges from 10 meters to 45 meters. There is an arc of travel, and when you know the range, and you have shot enough rounds, you know the 'sweet spot' to aim, with the fixed sights.
    I NEVER use scopes, but don't they have some kind of internal compensation, for up/down, with distance?
    Kind of takes the 'skill' out of hitting a target, at more than 'spitting' distance.
    Short answer: the Ballistics are the same, and gravity is essentially the same, either way. You aim low, but how much? Distance, baby, distance! But how you judge it, and how big the thing you are shooting is!!
    Being sober is good, and I never recommend shooting while intoxicated!!

    • There's tons of questions that have nothing to do with anything with girls asking guys. Sights don't matter and the range doesn't matter either. It doesn't take skill away at all. In fact, shooting at long ranges requires far more skill than shooting at pistol ranges. There's much more knowledge you have to have and more shooting ability too unless you're shooting at a barn I guess. It takes skill to hit a 2 liter bottle at 500-800 yards.

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    • You sound like someone I would like to chat with, but less 'publicly' Send me a personal message, and let's 'compare notes'!

    • Lol gotcha.

  • use the scope? i'm not very familiar with guns, but i did try to use one once when i was with my ex-fiance.

    • True but not the correct answer. It has to do with trigonometry.

    • oh. well that makes sense then. do you give lessons?

    • I have but not for a while. I prefer being in the class instead of teaching it. Its a lot more fun cuz you get to send bullets down range.

  • In a nutshell adjust for wind and gravity accordingly

  • I'm not a long range shooter by any means, but don't you have to aim lower when on a hill?

    • Yeah that's basically it. It can be a little more technical but you're correct.

  • adjust for bullet drop

    • Honestly I might know better if the state I live in had laws that weren't so damn strict that my dad has trouble finding the time and place to take me shooting for the first time

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    • I was seven years old and it was probably the greatest moment of my young life at that point

    • That's true. Anyone can enjoy guns but if a person is to afraid to try or they believe all the hype about them and won't think for themselves they'll never even try it. My ex wife was scared to death of guns. She is from SoCal. After we started dating, I took her shooting. It took some time but I got her shooting and after a while she wanted to go every chance we had. I had to finally tell her, look shooting is great but ammo is expensive lol. She slowed down a bit after I showed her how much it is even reloading. I'm not right or left either, I'm libertarian. I think as long as you're not hurting another or violating their rights, you should be able to do what you want without being bothered by anyone.

  • Be sober

    • Dammit, I put that as an update, maybe I'm not sober ha. Good answer and technically correct but not the answer I had in mind. Just so you know, it's illegal in most (maybe all) states to be drunk and in possession of a firearm.

    • It's illegal to be drunk and do a lot of things lol

      I don't actually know this one :(

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