What is the best acoustic guitar to buy for a beginner?

What sort of strings?
What wood?
(An adult - with short fingers - if that means anything. hahahaha)

What is the best acoustic guitar to buy for a beginner?


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  • Just about anything will do. Playability is the key so really it's all about how it feels to you and how it fits your body. Really it's about trying a bunch of guitars and seeing which is best feeling for you.
    Steel or nylons strings only matters with what you want to play. If your not sticking with classical, best to go with steel. A little more versatile.

    • Feel free to pm me if you have more questions.
      Rock and roll!

    • Thanks for the advice. =)

    • Ok a little more time to answer.
      Don't worry about type of wood. You probably won't want to spend enough for quality of wood to matter for a first guitar.
      Just find something easy to play. Which usually means 'action' (hight of strings from fretboard) the closer the strings to the fretboard the easier to play.
      I don't know where you live but in North America you can get something decent for around $100.
      I would go cheep like that for say 4-5 years and if your still playing then buy something decent like a Martin.
      You'll want to use strings on the 'light' end for ease of play.
      Don't worry about a tuner. There are many free apps for your phone you can use.
      YouTube will be your friend. Many free lessons and just about any song you want to learn, someone will show you step by step.
      Have fun with it.
      Most importantly play a little everyday. Everyday. Even if it's just for 5 min. Very quickly it will become your best friend. Someone there for you, to talk through, sing through. 🎸

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  • Well, I would go for something like a Yamaha or something from the Godin (said like Godan) line. Made in Canada, their instruments are high quality and don't cost much more than Yamaha. But you may not see or hear much of them if you live outside Canada. You can also try Alvarez, takamine. If this is the only guitar you want, and don't plan to buy a better guitar later when you get better then I would go with something close to the $500 mark.

    You can try out a few different guitars at your local music store, and only go to a music store, not some big box store like best buy, even if they know what they are talking about.

    Strings will come with the guitar when you buy it and you may want to buy one from the back room that isn't on the store floor, as many people could have played it, and scratched it. Though if you buy a model off the floor and its in decent condition they might give a discount, and an even bigger one if you see flaws or scratches in the lacquer.

    For neck sizes, in terms of length, you won't find much difference. In terms or th shape of the back of the neck where your thumb rests, these can differ in size and shape, some are basically a radius if a circle, some are kind of half of an oval, some are far some are skinny. Though the cheaper acoustics will be generally the same.

    Strings can be left on for a fairly long time depending on how much you play and how good you get, but your first set should last a decent amount of time. When you replace them I would go for D'Addario, or ernie ball acoustic bronze strings. They do go higher and lower in size, when you buy the first guitar I believe most acoustic guitars are strung with sizes 10-45 or maybe a bit bigger. The 10-45 will likely be referred to as 10's, and are usually light or medium guage. but this is all a bit technical.

    I work ast a music store, and I check hundreds of guitars a week as they come into the store. I can help you with a lot of thing. If you need help changing strings I can help you with that, maybe you could send pics of the guitar and I can show you how to do it properly. Plus here areany videos online

    • Also at his poin, wood isn't a huge factor, and after building an electric guitar I realized how little of a role it plays in the sound, it is mostly the hardware, the scale length, and some other factors that will make it sound differentt.

  • Regardless of the brand, buy the best acoustic guitar you can afford. That's because a quality acoustic will produce a better tone, the intonation will be more accurate, and it will provide better feedback to you as a beginner. A cheap guitar will be frustrating because it just won't sound as good. Look for a guitar made out of solid wood as opposed to a laminate. At the very least get a guitar that has a solid wood top (the sounding board). Solid tone woods simply sound better, and the top is the most important.

  • I'd recommend starting with a nylon-string classical guitar. Learning classical, even if you decide to drop it later, gives you a good background for playing just about any genre - metal especially. They're also easier to play, since barre chords require effort due to the lower tension, and your fingers won't get sliced up the way they would on a steel-string.

    I don't know what your price range is, but the Washburn C80 is a good choice, and the first classical guitar I bought. Córdoba and Seagull make nice guitars too if you want to step up a bit.

  • Price range? Baby taylor.

  • best you can afford, any brand.

  • I play guitar... For a beginner for ibanez


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