Challenge (Music creation contest, easier then you think!) : Whats the best song you can create with JukeDeck?

Hey fellow gagsters, instead of the what are you quiz many post i thought it would be fun to do a little song creation contest!

Its easier then you think! All you have to do is visit the website JukeDeck and specify what you would like the song to be. Afterwards you have the option to copy the link. The best song gets MHO (Help me by commenting on the songs if you liked them). You may try as many attempts as you want but the first song in your post counts (Be sure to post your best one).

Since i used the site a few times now instead of participating ill share some songs that i have generated with my friends.

London Keys (Had this title twice so in my mp3 collection i renamed it to Sunny day on the beach) - A nice summer dace song
Minature Moon - This is the song my friend generated after just waking up. He wanted a very calm relaxing song. The result was this beautiful calming melody that makes me daydream about past events.
Stepney Balance - Another attempt of mine to get a dancy song, keeps getting stuck in my head.
Illegal Works - Not sure who of us generated this one, its very meditative and calming.

The above are sampels of things the site can do well. You are free to use any genre and setting from the site for the contest. I had the best results with Electro , Ambient and Cinematic with slower music.

Poll : Which of the 4 songs did you like best?
  • London Keys (Sunny day on the beach)
    Vote A
  • Minature Moon
    Vote B
  • Stepney Balance
    Vote C
  • Illegal Works
    Vote D
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Anyone else want to give it a shot? The challenge is open as long as the question remains open.


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