What do you think about Timbaland?

I think he's a really good producer, the list of his songs is almost too long to actually count but I'll try and put some examples :). He has very multilayered beats and he doesn't just repeat the same thing for the whole song once he's got a sick beat he often mixes it up and puts new elements in or even changes the whole beat in the later part of the song. I really like his stuff :P.
What do you think about Timbaland ?

He started out with more RnB stuff and producing for Missy Elliot aswell who is a good friend of his you can see some of the beats here. This video shows each song way too short and is not very well made in my opinion but it's the best one I could find sry :(.

He can make great hip hop beats aswell as beats that harmonize great with a singers voice and make it beautiful. I also like that he has a very good feel for rythm he doesn't just switch up his melody a bit he likes to experiment with different rythms and make it work. I didn't have enough room for all his stuff but I think he's great I think you got that haha :).


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  • I love Tim especially his 90's work with Missy Aaliyah, Playa, and Genuwine. He lost me after awhile with his recent stuff though.

    • Why? I like both his old stuff and his new stuff :).

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    • I feel like he's actually diversified more since he added more electronic elements has a more mainstream sound maybe. I think his older stuff is good but a lot of the beats sound pretty similar he didn't have as many tools that he used. I think now his beats are more complex. I don't feel like he sacrificed his artistic side to be more mainstream I think he still makes good stuff, but I don't wanna argue with you ;) you can have your own opinion :)

    • No, we are good luv.. just debating. I can see how you say his old stuff sounded similar. I'm just an R&B Lover, I love what he did for Justin, and Nelly F. But that last Jay-z Album and Empire musicwasnt impressive.

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  • At one time he was the hottest and most in-demand producer on the planet. As you may know, the music industry is cyclical and he isn't in demand as he was before.

    The same can be said for Swiss Beatz and the Neptunes.

  • I like his music..
    Im not a big fan or anythimg but i listen to him sometimes.. I think he's kind of funny too im his music videos..
    He got fit recently too, i think

  • He's the shit. He needs to teach classes about good music making.


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