Romance vs Erotic Romance vs Erotica?

I have some questions about a novel I’m working on, and “romance vs erotic romance vs erotica.”

The novel is primarily romance, and drama centered. It has quiet a few conflicts, most of them being internal character conflicts, and a few being injuries, or schemes by the protagonists.

However, the main couple engages in a one sided sexual act around the 11th chapter, and sex around the 23rd chapter of the story and it’s fairly (?) detailed. It uses words such as: c*ck, n*pple, cl*t, and other terms for genitals, body parts, and there’s another one sided sex act in the 24th chapter. I intent on putting at least 3+ more sex scenes in the book, not including a scene where they just sit in the bath together.

I am not sure if my book would be considered erotica, or romantic erotica though. Because the more detailed sex scene doesn’t come until late in the book, as I stated before. 1-23, (not counting 11) are not very sexual at all. As far as intimacy they contain some heavy petting, making out, thoughts of wanting to have sex.

Sex isn’t the main focus of the book; though, it is a turning point, and brings them closer. The book is over 200k words right now, and I am not done with it.
I plan on including them having a child, as well as renewing their vows, so it flashes forward into the future at some point.

Would my book be considered erotic romance or erotica? I’ve read a lot of things online that say don’t include children, or weddings in romance/erotic romance novels, but I really want to include these things. It’s going to be a fairly large book even after I rewrite, and rewrite it once I get the first draft done. It’s already 500 pages single space on word.

Would it benefit me in the erotic romance genre to add in the sex sooner? Part of me wants to do this, but, I feel them waiting a bit to have full blown sex is important to their characters and development; so, I don’t want to do it.



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  • I dont k ow much about all this to give a good opinion.. But it sure looks like one steamy book. Would love to read.


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  • You are one naughty gal


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