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  • An Innis Aigh a traditional Gaelic song, sung in Scottish Gaelic
    being Scottish myself I thought I'd listen to some traditional Scottish/Gaelic music

    Here is the words translated into English for those interested

    Càit' as tràith an tig samhradh caomh Where does summer come earlier?
    Càit' as tràith an tig blàth air craobh Where do trees come into bloom sooner?
    Càit' as bòidhche 's an seinn an smeòrach Where does the thrush sing more sweetly
    Air bhàrr nan ògan 's an Innis Àigh On the tips of branches, than in the Happy Isle?

    An t-iasg as fiachaile dlùth don tràigh The most prized fish closest to land
    Is ann ma chrìochan is miann leis tàmh Wishes to live about its shores
    Bidh gillean easgaidh le dorgh is lìontan Lively youths hunt it early in the morning
    Moch, moch ga iarriadh mun Innis Àigh With line and net, around the Happy Isle

    'S ged thèid mi cuairt chun an taoibh ud thall And although I sometimes go to the mainland
    'S mi 'n dùil air uairibh gu fan mi ann And at times even think that I could stay there
    Tha tàladh uaigneach le teas nach fuairich A sad longing whose heat never cools
    Gam tharraing buan don Innis Àigh Always draws me back to the Happy Isle

    O 's geàrr an ùine gu'n teirig latha It is only a short time until the close of day
    Thig an oidhche 's gun iarr mi tàmh Night will come and I will want for rest
    Mo chadal buan-sa bidh e cho suaimhneach My eternal sleep will be so peaceful
    Mo bhios mo chluasag 's an Innis Àigh If I lay my head in the Happy Isle


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