What is your favourite '09 song?

I'm just going through them all right now, taking me back a little to when I first started actually paying attention to music.

I was in yr 6 in 2009, playing mini cricket with 'Room Nine' rules. (no you shouldn't get the reference)

so tell me what your favourite song from '09 is, and I might end up making a lyric video for it :P


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  • The only songs I remember are run this town and empire state of mind. Late 2000s, early 2010s really struggled in the music department 😢

    • I actually dont get it when people say that. I like a lot of music from that time, its most songs from now that are terrible in my opinion.

      One of my favourites is Caught in the Crowd.

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    • Oh there were lots of good songs in the 2000s. Off the top my head would be:

      Crazy in Love-Beyonce
      Bring Me To Life-Evanescence
      Get Your Freak On-Missy Elliott
      Hot in Here-Nelly

      Like you said, the decline didn't start until around 2010. But there are some gems between 2000-2010.

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  • I can't even think of anything good that came out in '09... lol

    There may have been an album or two that came out that year, that I discovered later on, but I don't really remember getting into anything new around that time. 2010 and going forward though, there have been quite a good number of releases I have enjoyed!

    But yeah, I'll post something below if I find something from '09!

  • 2009 is the year my favourite band Franz Ferdinand released their album Tonight. I didn't pay attention to it back then, retrospectively Twilight Omens and Ulysses are my favourite songs from 09

  • Run This Town, Obsessed, How Do You Sleep?

  • Probably “I'm awfully glad I met you"


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