If I make Electronic Music, What would you suggest I do or what would you expect me to do?

I have a soundcloud i make mixes, and songs. Im not that good yet.


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  • Do you post them anywhere for us to listen? You say you aren't that good yet, so I'll hold you on that.. However, I'd probably compare you to another (then) 14 year old.. Memro, who also makes/made music.

    Anyway, keep making your tunes, there's nothing like putting your thoughts on a paper and making music of it. ^.^

  • Start on FL Studio.. download synth packs and mess around with it. After you get good start designing your own stuff. I tried DJing in HS.. Had two pioneer CDJs and I forget the actual mixer. It's fun though dude..

  • I expect you to do what every other listener would want
    Make me dance upon hearing that song :)