What would you want most from the next X-Men movie?

I'm already hearing reviews of "Apocalypse," and rumors of a 90s-themed film. Everyone has ideas of what they want, and is worried the studio will mess it up. Here's my theory:

Introduce Morph the way Jubilee was introduced in the 90s toon. Stryker steals Sentinel tech and reactivates the program. He tries to kidnap Morph, but Jubilee intervenes. She and Beast put up a fight to save Morph, but Jubilee gets captured.

Meanwhile, the other X-Men try to save Mystique and Magneto, who have been captured by Mister Sinister and Sauron after being ambushed while fending off Omega Red. Beast and Morph get (an obviously recast) Rogue and Wolverine (also recast) to help them save Jubilee, and Styker's carelessness leads to the plots converging in the Savage Land.

Boom! Instant 90s X-Men nostalgia glory in a 2018 live action film!

Get a different director too. And let Mystique wear clothes for once! Gambit appearance optional.

For the follow-up movie in 2020, have D'Ken Neramani as the villain, and adapt a proper Phoenix Saga. As for the Dark Phoenix? Adapt "One Man's Worth" first, then adapt the Dark Phoenix. And get it as close as possible to the toon, because nobody wants a repeat of "The Last Stand."

Who's with me on this? Fox, you have the source material. You even had a whole programming block in the 90s featuring this material. Use it already! (90s suits optional. I know it won't be easy to get away from Singer's black leather fetish.)

Also, get a new director. Singer is stale and predictable now:

Prof and Magneto play chess, the plot gets convoluted, the characters get a get-out-of-jail-free card by Wolvie and/or Mystique getting naked and kicking everyone's ass, a plane will crash somewhere, Angel has no shirt on, Colossus is half-naked half the time, Beast hates his own fur, Cerebro gets hijacked by the bad guy, blah blah blah ad nauseum!
  • What would you want most from the next X-Men movie?Jubilee actually does something!
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  • What would you want most from the next X-Men movie?Morph
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  • What would you want most from the next X-Men movie?Mr. Sinister
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  • The Juggernaut, just cause:


    • Maybe they could make it work this time. Although, they did slip some of that in with Apocalypse. When Apocalypse and the Horsemen confront Magneto at the iron shop, Magneto replies: "Who the f* are you?"

      And back when "The Last Stand" was released, Juggernaut says the line.

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    • Actually, the parody came first. Fox turned around and referenced it, because they figured it would get a few laughs. This was after they threatened to sue the parody makers over using the animated series source material, mind you. And gave the parody makers zero credit for creating Jugg's now-infamous line.

    • @ObscuredBeyond

      Really? I figured corporations like Fox are gonna be total assholes and always trying to sue anyone they can.

      Imagine if they put the line "Bow down to a true pimp bitch!" in a future X-Men movie. Or "I'm bad. I'm the baddest mothafucka in da world!" after when jug beats down a whole bunch of mutants or enemies. I'd be sold on that one.

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  • I want a Marvel/DC crossover


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  • I want to see more of this version of Colossus cdn2-www.comingsoon.net/.../...colossus-header.jpg

  • For Marvel to own the rights again.
    They make good movie.
    Fuck Fox.

  • Silver Samurai and I want Kenichiro Harada as him, preferably played by Ken Watanabe.

  • I was gonna say I don't care...

    But I actually want "Jubilee," to get naked...

    • I'd be happy just to see her in action, actually taking down a few baddies with her fireworks, and not sucking at being part of the team. She doesn't have to be the main character; but I would like her to be more than just a freakin' cameo or bit part. Bryan Singer gives Mystique all the cool female empowerment crap stuff to do, and Jubilee always gets the shaft.

      And you don't need Lana Condor to strip: there are dozens of look-alikes in porn videos all over the web. No sense ruining the movie for family goers if all you want is Asian porn.

  • I want Hugh Jackman back

    • So... you don't care if he steals the spotlight, and we never get to see anyone else do anything interesting? I'm bored with Wolverine, to be honest. I want to see Jubilee finally do something and be cool. WITHOUT turning her into a vampire, because that was just lame!

      (Even lamer was the time she was a SHIELD agent due to Scarlet Witch; but thankfully that's not possible on film anymore.)

    • I agree there should be more characters introduced and I don't need wolverine to be the main character, I just want him (as Hugh jackman) to make a cool cameo appearance

  • More scenes of J-Law in body paint Lmao

  • i want more wolverine in the movie

  • Some good fucking sex scenes.

    • That's called XXX-Men. That's in the back section of Family Video, hidden from regular view.

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