To all young adult novel fans, what do women think of Hiro Protagonist and what do men think of Y. T, both of Snow Crash?

Nowadays, there's a lot of dystopian fiction of young romance, such as Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and 50 Shades of Gray. Please don't be offended if you like those novels, I respect your tastes, but I don't exactly agree with how it teaches young women to have Stockholm syndrome for their Prince Charming.

To all you females out there:

How would you feel about MY favorite male dystopian fiction character from "Snow Crash?" His name is Hiro. He is what you'd call a nerd action hero, since he is both a computer programmer and a swordsman.

He is not Caucasian, like your typical dystopian male protagonist (Edward Cullen, Tobias/Four, Christian Grey, etc.), as his mother is Korean and his father is African American. He has coffee-colored skin and long hair in dreadlocks. He dressed in a black leather kimono, samurai style, and has two katana swords on his back. And he rides a motorcycle with custom leathers.

To all you males out there:

How do you feel about my favorite female dystopian fictional character from that same novel?

Her name is Y. T. She has red hair tied in a ponytail. She wears an orange and blue jumpsuit. She rides a hoverboard. And she's got a backpack filled with heavy ass equipment, gadgetry, and circuitry. She is not clumsy or shy like Bella Swan or Anastasia Steele; Y. T. is the streetwise, rebellious, and defiant type.

How do you feel about these types of characters, my fellow literature fans?


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  • I am personally not interested in that genre of YA novels and movies. They portray an awful message and being directed to gullible teenagers who will assume it as the "real world" is more negative than positive. The character you described sounds pretty neat and I will certainly take the time to invest in looking into it now that I'm on summer break. Thanks for giving me something to do 😁

    • Seriously though, instead of Harry Potter or Edward Cullen, how would girls feel if they saw a half-Asian, half-black man with dreadlocks who dresses in black leather, has two swords on his back, and rides a motorcycle?

    • Harry Potter is freaking awesome, I'll have to defend my Potterheadness. However the character seems well rounded, I actually just got the book on hold from my library.

    • Cool, I'd love to see a girl's output on a new type of dystopian male hero, as in one that is not white, he is half-Asian and half-black, with coffee-colored skin and long hair in dreads.

      I wonder if girls would be be impressed if they saw this type of guy in black leather with two swords on his back and driving a motorcycle.

  • I don't have an answer to your question, but I'd like to point out that 50 Shades of Grey was actually meant to personify how willingly women allow a man to walk all over them, even if they aren't comfortable with it. Basically, she was saying that women need to grow a spine and quit letting bitchass men treat us like shit. It wasn't just a literary porno.

    • It was terrible to me. It was like a modern age fairy tale and I hated it, since it glorified only the cool people and not outcasts like me.

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    • I'm an English teacher and I'm referring to what I said before about how women let men treat them.

    • Well, I was a social outcast growing up and still am, to some extent. Christian and Ana represent the cool people, since Christian's a charismatic CEO, while Ana was quite popular in her college. Not to mention that they're the standard Caucasian romantic couple.

      Me, I was always different growing up. I had to deal with bullies, even in college, particularly the athletes and those in Greek life. Not to mention that I'm Asian American, so it's rather hard to relate, when I am in pursuit of white women and got rejected for my ethnicity.

      That's why I find Hiro more relatable than Christian, as he is an ethnic minority with coffee-colored skin, he's a computer lover like myself, he has long hair like me, and he's in debt, like many of us.

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