What are your thoughts on some random actress named Rose McGowan complaining about the billboard of the recent X-Men movie?

"promoting violence against women"?

I didn't even know who McGowan is until she recently decided to give out her unwanted stupid opinion about how sexist the X-Men: Apocalypse billboard is with Apocalypse strangling Mystique (played by Jennifer Lawrence). It seems as if anything and everything in 2016 is sexist/misogynistic to some women.
What are your thoughts on some random actress named Rose McGowan complaining about the billboard of the recent X-Men movie?

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  • McGowan does have a good point.
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  • It seems as if everything and anything is misogynistically offensive to women these days, espcially liberal women.
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I'm not surprised many people (female GAGers in particular) are agreeing with McGowan since GAG is probably one of the most liberal PC websites I've ever gone onto.


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  • Rose McGowan isn't irrelevant just because you don't know who she is. I think it's a really poor choice for the film and a stupid billboard. It doesn't aid the film and it isn't a good thing to plaster up. Yes if you see the film you realise what's happening but when you take it out of context it could be upsetting for victims of domestic violence or assault. I say this as someone who went to see the film and enjoyed it.

    • The point is though, everyone just loves to bitch and moan about every little tiny things that either offends them or that doesn't go their way. Had the genders on the billboard swapped, McGowan would have either been singing an completely different tune or just stay quite about it. She obviously has never read a single X-Men comic book to express her sadly misinformed viewpoint to understand how the billboard is fitting since Apocalypse (the villain) is supposed to be a very evil, despicable supervillain with no remorse, as portrayed in many of his comic books.

      Besides, what major movie has McGowan even appeared in that makes her deserve anymore public relevance, other than Scream (even though she was only just a minor character who got killed off in that movie)?

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    • Typical male 'I am right and refuse to even acknowledge someone's differing opinion'. I was happy to have a debate with you but you gotta be a child about it, so whatever. I will end with saying, if you go see a movie or read a comic, it's your choice to see violence but a person walking down the street shouldn't have to have that shit all in their face when they're not interested in it.

    • Where did I say anything about sexism or utter the word mysogyny?

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  • The guy strangling her is the villain of the film and she's one of the heroes! This is not sexist, this is not misogynistic, nobody is preaching violence against women. It's just the evil villain fighting against the hero! People complain too much these days about little things!

    • It's pretty obvious that whats-her-face (McGowan) has clearly never read a single X-Men comic book to express her poorly gathered opinion on how X-Men has "always promoted" violence against women. I get the feeling that she only expressed her un-asked-for, stupid opinion just to stay relevant since not many people I know, even recognize her as an actress.

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  • It's amusing to see that so far, all the women voters are pointing out that they feel this is inappropriate and all the male voters are like 'lol who cares'. And Rose McGowan is actually pretty well known, she's not a 'random actress'.

    • So Rose McGowan is a "well known" actress yet the only movie me and many others who I know, remember her for is the slasher horror movie Scream and she wasn't even a major character in that movie (she gets killed in that movie).

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    • ... And do you agree with McGowan's opinion on this?

    • I think it's a bullshit advert and I don't think it was appropriate, nor was it the best way to advertise this film, but not necessarily because it's misogynistic.

  • I don't understand why that particular still was chosen. I wasn't aware that the promotion of graphic violence was something we were encouraging nowadays.

    If you want to convey the same thing, dude doesn't have to be choking Mystique. Like even just being physically menacing towards her (or like just about to strangle her) would be more appropriate, to me.

    • If you've ever read any of the X-Men comic books involving Apocalypse, the supervillain, you would be well aware how evil and crooked the Apocalypse character is supposed to be so you wouldn't get offended by the billboard and understand why it seems fitting. It has nothing to do with Misogyny or glorifying violence against women.

    • I think that there should be some measure of censorship when it comes to media that will be consumed by everyone. If you had read my opinion closely, you would have noticed that I'm opposed to the promotion of graphic violence IN GENERAL. Like, I don't want to be seeing dudes bleeding from multiple stab wounds either. I don't think it's appropriate to show a dude with his head blown off. I don't think it's appropriate for a movie poster to show a person being strangled, period.

  • It's a shitty ad but not because of misogyny. All superhero shit is violence, and them being in costume makes it look nothing like gender targeted violence. It's just a boring ad. Rose McGowan is a fairly known actress though.

  • Rose Mcgowan isn't a random actress,
    Rose Mcgowan is a fairly well known and rather good actress

  • I remember her in Scream. I don't think it's sexist however it really shouldn't have been the cover for many reasons. Either way, this X-Men movie was amazing.

    • Agreed with this. The marketing for this movie wasn't great -- not just this billboard, but overall -- which may have been one of several factors that hurt it at the box office. This is especially apparent when we compare it to the marketing for "Days of Future Past" which had some of the best trailers ever. For "Apocalypse", not so much.

      As a fan of X-Men who grew up watching the animated series from the 90s, though, when I actually went to the theater and sat down to watch it, I liked this movie SO much haha. I was totally geeking out through almost every scene. xD I'll have to see it again sometime to be sure, but I think it instantly became one of my favorite comic-book movies ever.

    • meant to say *best trailers ever for this series.

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