Why is horse racing considered a "sport"?

Its all a bunch of bullshit horses get hurt then what? How is that a sport?


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  • It is a really sad industry.
    Theyre very often drugged and abused. They tend to be put down once their career is done unless they're really sucessful... or are lucky enough to be adopted.

    Plus, racing at 2 years old isn't safe as they dont have a mature skeleton..

    Its a lot of sad.

    I've gotten the pleaure of working with a few though, young ones off the track, and theyre really wonderful, smart horses.
    I love my thoroughbreds.
    Just wish the industry wasn't how it is:/


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  • Because it is one. The fact that you don't like it, the fact that the problems you have with it may even be legitimate, does not make it suddenly not a sport.

    • exactly the kind of well thought out, intellectual response I expect from an idiot child of the "my feelings matter more than reality" generation.

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  • AMEN. i never got that either. and no no, not just that, people spend gazillions of dollars betting on that ish. i mean if you've got so much free cash, lend it to people like me dammit! your horse isn't gonna care whether you win or not! -.-

    • They are fuckin idiots son of a bitches that's why the world is a joke to be bastards like that have no brain only to bet poor horses

  • Because people can make money by killing and abusing horses. If there is money involved it all becomes okay.

    • People are pieces of shit id love to abuse them myself see if they like it

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