Can YOU HELP me find the song to these scarcely remembered lyrics?

I remember the line from a song my teacher played and I've googled but still haven't found it!
It was almost 7yrs ago and I was in high school, I was thinking of asking her but she acted like she didn't remember me (maybe she didn't but I was a good student she remembered me while I was in her Spanish class I don't know maybe she changed since she got a baby)

Anyways the song is a rock/alternative genre by a male artist and played right after the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song "Give it Away"
The lyrics of the song I want to remember are ' so i fvck her once then i fvck her twice' or something like that maybe it was fvcked not fvck I'm not sure.

I've tried to find it but the song had to have come out before 2010 so it's not SchoolBoyQ and the lyrics weren't as vulgar as "Colt 45"
The only back words used were the F word. My teacher said she knew it was bad but hadn't heard it in a while so she let it play in class. She had "Give it Away" on to teach us how to roll our tongue


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  • Just email the teacher!


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  • Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit
    Feeling lit, feeling light, 2 AM, summer night
    My hands on the wheel, uhh, fuck that

    [Verse 1]
    Life for me is just weed and brews
    See the hoes flock to you when your name is Q
    Am I over-faded? Hell yeah it's true
    Turn a beat on, ain't no limit to what I can do
    See this Top Dawg in heat, but I'm a fuck the world
    I'mma be on tunes 'til God re-furls
    You sat me down, I'm still tryna get higher
    You looked at me stupid when I twisted the fire
    Meanwhile my nigga drunk as fuck
    A nigga fucked up, we all fucked up
    You done fucked up, I brought more blunts
    Smoke back to up, you niggas know what's up
    Too damn high, can't stand myself
    I love drunk driving, man I'm something else
    Heat on my side, you're more than welcome to melt
    I'm 'bout to finish a pound, you're more welcome to help

    Weed and brews, weed and brews
    Life for me is just weed and brews
    I fucked her once, then I could fuck her twice
    Yeah, you heard me right, I might fuck tonight

    • Hands on the wheel school boy

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    • Sorry again didn't read past not Colt 45

    • She fuck me and the homies, she was cool with that
      The block hot so I'm shaded in my bucket hat
      Pause a little bit, I got a little advice
      If you fucked her once, then you could fuck her twice
      And don't get head form hoes with overbites
      Just giving out game, nigga, show you right
      Born stunna nigga, turn night to bright
      High as a kite in my Nike Flights
      Made thirty racks it was just a flight
      Flew a bitch out too, it was just a night
      Shorty got the booty make a nigga say, "Woah"
      Can I suck your titties, tryin' to see how far can I go
      Try again and then again, and she ain't tellin' me no
      Sweetie tell me how you feelin', can i feel on you mo?
      She said, "I ain't fuckin' for free", but ain't shit I can't afford
      Shit, I'll pay you for ir

  • No idea either, maybe someone in that class with you knew

  • No but maybe it was a cover song

  • You don't need to know everything

  • Hands on the wheel by school boy q


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