What’s your definition of the “New Wave” genre?

I have seen many songs/albums from the 1978-1984 era, being labeled as “New Wave”. But I believe many of them are not. For example this song:

Is labeled as “New Wave” but I believe it’s Synth-Pop. There’s a big confusion between those two genres, and many Synth-Pop songs are labeled as New Wave, which is wrong in my opinion. It’s true that in Synth-Pop they use New Wavish basslines, but the difference is that Synth is the lead instrument unlike New Wave where Bass is the lead instrument.

New Wave is something more like this:

So what’s your own definition?


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  • I consider Devo punk. Imho a defining new wave band was or is Blondie

    • Well Blondie was perhaps the first band to be defined as New Wave. As for Devo, they weren't Punk like Ramones or Sex Pistols but more, let's say Experimental. Since 1982 or so they became Synth-Pop though.

    • Good discussion. I've never been into the new wave or punk scene and as far as punk goes don't forget The Tubes. I'm classic rock all the way though I do appreciate The Cars, Blondie, The Pretenders

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