Is my poem/rap song really that bad ("Sexa-Alexa")?

ill call you that name
because i got all these feelings for you
that i cannot tame

With the last name "sexy"
will you sext me?
because i'd make love to you
if you let me

why are you so complex-a?
you wouldn't give me your heart
when i met ya

but i like you,
can't you see?
let's get wild
just you and me

your eyes are like stars
they shine better than my granddad's cars

You have a face so sweet
with a body so petite
you make my dick hard like a slab of concrete
But why can't we just meet?

i want to see you once more
because my heart is like a lion
you make it roar

Will you give me a chance
to steal your heart?
i wish i could of done that
from the start.

me and you
can be like glue
will you be that girl
that i can stick to?
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I wrote this to a girl i originally met online, then we wers later at the same university


Most Helpful Guy

  • Aight check me out
    Glasses, jacket, shirt
    Call me glasses, jacket shirt-man
    Or call me Supa Hot boy, hundred degrees, leather jacket
    Cause I'm Supa Hot, boy! (I'm not a rapper)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Awful. Never write poetry ever again.


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  • I think, that's literally the worst thing I ever read. Ever. I'm pretty sure.

  • you're song writer!!!


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