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In a fantasy/horror setting, what would be a tough and scary situation for a tiny person to try to endure? The situation. . . Dan still has a crushed on his ex Jess, who he hurt deeply, but she has moved on and dosent want Dan around. But she's the only one who can help restore him to his normal size after he was shrunk by her friend who is a witch. These are 4 situations I thought would be fun but scary reality for him to try and endure. . .
- he gets her attention but she thinks he's a bug and steps on him.
- Dan gets on the hand of Jess who inadvertently knocks him into her current boyfriend's drink, who gulps him down.
- Jess unknowingly drops Dan into a cage containing her pet bearded dragon and it's lunch time.
- the niece or nephew of Jess discover Dan and want to keep him forever.
Thanks :)
Also add any ideas you may have


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  • That sounds pretty comedic, if you ask me. If you want horror, try something like.. say, you're living in a small house away from the city, together with your husband. You wake up due to hearing his panicked screams, fading as if he's getting further away. You quickly get dressed grab a flashlight and head outside.. it's still late night and the moon is being blocked out by the trees around you.. you can still hear your husbands screaming although now even further away.. you check your flashlight, turn it on and head out into the woods, following the ever fading, now hoarse cries for help. Suddenly, you stumble over a protruding branch and tumble into a whole you never knew were there, even though you knew the area quite well. What makes matters worse, your flashlight goes out and won't turn back on, and the hole is too steep to crawl back out from where you are. You have to find another way, in complete darkness..

    Anyway.. Of yours, I like the last one, with niece who wants to keep him. ^.^


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  • LOL all of these are great. I like the glass one though

    • Haha yeah its kinda a funny one. Realistically speaking, would Dan be able to get out of the situation? And if so what percentage would you say is on his side?

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    • Haha I think shrinking would be a scary thing, dont you?

    • It would. Golly be terrifying

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  • Definitely the bearded dragon. It would be hysterical if he got eaten by it and she had no idea. LOL

    • But I do really really like the one where he gets swallowed by her boyfriend. It's kind of a metaphor. She doesn't want him around anymore, so he goes unnoticed by her and unfortunately he gets gulped down his throat, which should happened to Dan if he shrinks.

  • The niece/nephew one.

  • the last one sounds the most fun


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