Is this poem any good? I think a lot of you adalcent girls can relate? I wrote this BTW?

Mesh tights
Sad eyes
Black lips and thigh highs
Suicide you've tried
But all you want is to stay alive
This is hard I know
Its like running barefoot through snow
It will get better
witch is why I am writing this letter
Like a stray dog
Looking for love
Love will be right in front of you
Focuse on that too
There is no need to neglect your sorrow
Maybe it will be gone by tomorrow!
As your happy thoughts dwindle
And your mind will kindl
Your depressed mind
It is thinking all the time open your eyes
And stop feeding your lies


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  • Lol, this poem is sh*t. Thank Gawd my emo high school days are gone. One day, you’ll be in your 20’s and you and your friends will be looking back at your not so great emo poems that you probably think are special right now as a teen and laughing.

    *which not ‘witch’. Witch is the female who flies around on her broom. :/

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    • I can take critisisom just please give it to me kindly

    • Okay. Sorry, but this is not a good poem. It sounds like very generic, typical verbiage that you hear from 16 year old girls who are emotional. A lot of 16 year old girls will struggle with issues that are actually pretty common but express it as if they are some unique, special, struggling snowflake. No offense, but I don’t think poetry is yor thing. This isn’t good work. People here are probably lying because they want mho

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  • Honestly sounds like an edgy teen trying to sound deep, also the structure would do better in stanzas with enjambment (since there's no punctuation) you should add punctuation though.


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  • You've got a lot of talent here, and a lot of potential. This is a really good poem that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to :)

  • I like it. It's pretty good. Message is inspiring

  • It's cool
    Keep on going and you'll be a pro

  • I write songs and I like your poem

  • @lexythelou22 needs to read this


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