Can I have some Criticism for my guitar solo cover?

I know its not perfect but im soo happy with it because its a difficult solo.


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  • Pretty much as good (shitty-ish) as I could do if I played that song more. Well, I doubt I could do that sweeping as well.
    Not THAT hard of a solo though overall.

    How long have you played?

    Well shit, now I have to go play it.

    • like 3 years

    • Dang, I've played for almost 7 years, and I went and tried to play that solo and I could barely do anything.
      Although, I hadn't played for a few weeks.
      And I barely play since winter break since my strings broke (on my good guitar) and I haven't replaced them.
      And I switch between about 1600 different songs when I practice.

      Wow, it's been six months since I've played my good guitar... that's kinda crazy to me.

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  • Why does your playing seen to be out of sync with the video at times? I'd that's truly you playing, it's actually pretty decent. You need to work on your speed. What's your setup? (Guitar, amp, pedals?)

    • its out of sync because i recorded it before videoing it lool. I use eleven rack and made my own preset. Some guy on youtube said it was terrible so im like undecided but everyone seem to be saying it was good. If you could tell me which parts i neeed improving on speed.

  • That's freaking awesome
    If you want to be really picky though our tone is kinda off
    Needs some distortion, too clean

  • Awesome stuff bro. Keep it up


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