Do you like my strange story?

So I was bored and started typing using the predictive keyboard. I just picked the random words that came up and made a story. See what story you can make.

You are the only thing that I don't think it's time for me and I love my job and I love my friends and family members and the first time in my life is so good I don't know why but I'm still waiting for a long time to go back and forth between us and we have a nice day too long for a while ago but it doesn't matter what happens when you have a great way to go out and about to be able to see what I want to see the movie and I don't think it's funny how people can be used for this weekend is going to be able to do with my family and friends and relatives of victims of sexual harassment and I love it when people say they will not let me get to see what happens when you have to do it again and again for a long time no talk about it and it was not immediately clear whether or not I have to go
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  • You could have thrown some punctuation in to make it an actual story instead of one long run-on sentence.

  • WTF did I just read


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