What are your thoughts on famous internet celebrity, James Rolfe (The Angry Video Game Nerd) giving his opinion on the new "female" ghostbusters?


I honestly agree with him 100% on his take of the movie (not because I'm a fan of his). I think it's pathetic how all of the retarded SJW twitter trolls were not only attacking James for his honest opinion and pulling the sexist/gender card on him (when he never mentions anything about gender being the issue and was being very rational and fair about it), they even went as far as to having the audacity to bring James' wife (who has absolutely nothing to do with his show and internet channel) into this and attack her, which is pretty fucking low and cowardly for these SJW trolls to do.

I doubt James gives a single fuck about his twitter trolls.

  • I think is opinion was rather very rational and un-antagonistic.
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  • I think he's secretly being a sexist about refusing to watch this movie and won't admit it.
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  • I agree with him. As a big movie fan I have seen many awesome movies and the terrible remakes that money seekers (Michael Bay *cough cough) continue to do over and over again. I won't see this new Ghostbusters because it looks awful, plain and simple. I wasn't even pissed about the all female cast what pissed me off was Harold Ramis dies then bam they decide to do another "Ghostbusters" and cast what I call terrible actresses. I can not for the life of me understand Melissa McCarthy's success I think she is just terrible. Not funny at all but people keep giving her work. Then there is Kristen Wiig, dont find her all that funny either. I didn't realize this was a "Brides Maids" reunion. They should have done this years ago with the original cast as well as some new members and go from there. There is no sexism here its the fact that a lot of people are tired of remakes. An all female cast would have been great but not these people.


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