EDM lovers, I need your help?

This weekend is Spring Awakening in Chicago, and it's gonna be awesome, but I'm conflicted, I don't know who of these I should go watch, since they both play at the same time and they close the festival on Sunday:

Above & Beyond or RL Grime?

They're both great, and I don't wanna miss them, but they overlap, so I need to choose. Which one would you choose?

I know there aren't many EDM people here, but maybe the few can help xD
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  • Borgeous!!! But to answer your question, def Above & Beyond

    • You don't like RL Grime?

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    • I went to R L Grime and I'm glad I did, it was the best set of the weekend.
      I watched the last 30 min of A&B and tbh, it was pretty boring :/

    • Haha nice! Good choice then, jealous you got to go

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