Pearl Jam or Nirvana? Which band do you like the best?

I have been listening to Pearl jam ever since I was 18. "Alive" and Even flow became the first two songs I heard that made me a fan. On the other hand Nirvana I heard in bloom and teen spirit but that's it. There sick songs but I didn't like Kurts voice that much. So no debates or anything. I was reading about this in some article and I wanted to hear your thoughts..

  • Pearl Jam! Even Floooooo! All dayy
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  • Nirvana! It's smelling like teen spirit dawg!
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  • None I prefer Justin beiber or Miley Cyrus
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Let's keep it 1994 back.. I guess no later Pearl Jam music
Girls like nirvana more, interesting!


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  • My vote goes to Pearl Jam. Half because talent, and half because they were on the '92 Lollapalooza tour (which two of my brothers and I followed around for a whole month of that summer).

    INCREDIBLE lineup, if you like the '90's Seattle sound.

    Soundgarden was my favorite -- in fact, Chris Cornell's voice is at least partly responsible for the fact that I'm still here and alive right now (helping me get through some pretty awful teenage manic-depressive episodes). But Pearl Jam was the awesomeness, too. (And RATM, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ministry, and and and...)
    Best tour ever.


    By the way, Pearl Jam's "Ten" -- the album with yr two beloved songs on it -- turns 25 years old in a couple months.


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  • Nirvana was revolutionary, but Pearl Jam's music and lyrics are of a much higher quality IMHO. Not a totally fair comparison though, since Kurt died and Nirvana became a thing of the past, a moment in the early 1990's, while Pearl Jam has evolved and grown.
    Looking at what Dave Grohl has done with Foo Fighters *might* be an indication of the general direction Nirvana could have gone in, though with Kurt at the wheel it would have been much different than the Foo's.

    • Yes I guess it's a unfair comparison, maybe let's keep it till 94 I guess? Good thing you said that

    • Pearl Jam.
      Not to discount in the slightest bit what Nirvana was, or to say that their music wasn't, and isn't still, great... but I personally think Pearl Jam is more interesting to listen to.
      I *almost* would go as far as to say that (listening to it now, and my musical taste have changed since my hardcore grunge days) Nirvana sometimes sounded sloppy and less musically talented.
      Pearl Jam you have Mike McCready and Stone Gossard playing off each others guitar parts, and Eddie Vedder's vocal style comes across more polished (though still raw, gritty, and powerful), where Kurt's guitar parts were much simpler and his vocal style was, well... Kurt Cobain...

      It's difficult to really compare and say one is better than the other.
      They both helped to shape the direction of music in the 90's and beyond, and I hope I don't sound like I'm putting Nirvana down or implying that there wasn't talent. It was just very different in a lot of ways, and Pearl Jam gets my vote :-)

    • Yeah I tottally agree with you! There Different and tough to compare!

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  • You mean that there's a difference? Not a big fan of either.

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    • I heard shipping to Boston in the departed and became a fan

    • Yup, good stuff.

  • Nirvana.

    In my mind, Pearl Jam doesn't even come close. GNR with Slash would be a closer fight.

  • I don't really like either of them. I can't stand Eddie Vedder's voice and I can't stand Kurt Cobain's... anything. As far as grunge bands go, Soundgarden owns!

  • All terrible

  • Nirvana, because unlike Pearl Jam, not all of their songs sound exactly the same.

  • I really can't stand Grunge...

  • nirvana by a mile. pearl jam sucks ass and the singer is awful.

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