What do you think about this sketch? Do stereotypes about americans bother you?

This is part of a series where first a girl looks amazing but then it all goes wrong, so they weren't just trying to shit on americans or anything. Tiffany is from California, she does speak korean though that part was just for the sketch because there's often language problems with dating foreigners of course. Also she looks so goooood :O don't kill my vibe :P


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  • lel XD I don't care if people make fun of Americans, and the sketch is pretty funny.

    • Glad you like it :) I was just asking out of curiosity not because I thought it was super offensive :).

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  • 1st of all, i love her English hahaha
    then it's funny
    and lol all the cliché they put in here hahahaha

    i like it !
    Korean SNL is always really funny ahah


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