Does anyone harvest moon animal parade? If so, please help?

Almost all of my animals (except my horse) were outside for the whole night on a rainy day. Now they are all sick. I didn't realize it and I saved the game. I only have enough money to save two.

I'll probably save my two cows but I don't want my chickens to die. Does anyone know how to earn a few thousand dollars FAST?
Thank you! I saved them all :)


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  • Go down to the mines and try and get a bunch of Wonderfuls to turn into gems to sell. Or go fishing and sell all that you get, but the gems will give you a lot more. I'm pretty sure sick animals don't die after one day so you'll have time to build up your money for medicine. If you save stuff like your animal products you could see about selling some of them too.


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  • No but I like those type of games.

    • FYI if you ever decide to get it the old ones are waaaaay better

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    • I remember the one harvest moon for gamecube I forgot what it was called I think it was called a wonderful life that one women down the mines was the hardest to get to marry you lol. But I wanted ot marry cause she could make you the most in the game I guess you could have said I was a mine digger XD

    • XD I feel like in the old ones you could do a lot more then in the new ones

  • Is this a game or something?


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