What is most important in a music video? (What do you look for)?

I edit for a hobby, so I have experience with making music videos. When I see some of the ones made by others, the first thing I pay attention to is: "Does it match the song?" When the song has a beat, do they add a small flash or change the scene? Do they use good transitions?
There are some nice videos out there, but I feel like it doesn't suit the audio. You have this dramatic song, yet the video itself is set at a much slower pace. It's incredibly boring in comparison to the music.
When I make a video, I choose the song first then specifically plan the video around that song. I always use a fade or flash transition, depending on the music. When there's a beat, I add a light flash. I feel like it flows better that way. It's also more interesting to watch.

Does anyone else notice that, or is it just me? If it doesn't bother you, then what does? What do you think makes a music video great? Feel free to add details.


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  • I do like it when the video matches the audio. Like if the cuts fit into the beat. But at the same time you don't want to overdo it, because it might ruin the flow of the video. You still want to keep some spontaneity.
    I also like music videos with some kind of storyline. Again it doesn't have to be 100% consistent storyline all the time, you can still cut to some glamour shots/dance shots that have nothing to do with what's happening in between. But I find that a story makes it a bit more intriguing, and it makes you remember the video easily (which is obviously something you want).
    What bothers me is when the lip-syncing is off with like.3 seconds. I think some editors do this because it might add some kind of artistic touch to it, but in my opinion it just looks lazy and as if they didn't do their job properly. It's also annoying to watch.
    Don't use too many flashes, keep in mind that some people suffer from epilepsy and you don't want to give them any seizures. A lot of people also feel discomfort when they see many flashes, even if they're kind of subtle, because it does annoy the eyes.

    • When I mean flashes, I certainly do not mean anything related to a strobe light or whatever. It's much softer. Take this song for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPXUeeFXc90
      (skip to 0:20) When you hear the beats, there's a very LIGHT flash.

      I can't show you an example (because I don't want links to my channel), but that's one of the songs I'm editing.

      The lip sync annoys me too. They don't do it on purpose. They're just lazy. And my video do tell a story, but it's very subtle. Not many people can figure it out. You have to think about it.

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    • White flashes can still be just as damaging if they're bright enough!

    • I know. And they aren't bright. They're "light," meaning the transparency is lower than everything else. What it really does it make the video brighter is certain areas.

      Thank you for your opinions on this.

  • connectivity between sound and movement.

  • pyrotechnics.

    • Thanks for the fancy word...

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