Is this a con to having a smart tv?

We have a Samsung Smart TV in the home. It's great to be able to have access to the Internet and apps (Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, browsing, etc) on a television. HOWEVER, there are certain apps that will kick my MacBook and iPhone off the signal. If someone is watching Netflix on the tv, then the wifi on MY devices will be super slow or disconnect completely. Even once those apps are closed and the smart tv is off, my smaller devices still won't connect back, so I have to restart the modem box. THEN my devices will connect again. It's almost like the tv is sucking up all the bandwidth from the rest of the house (is that what it's called?) Can someone please tell me what's happening?


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  • I think its your net provider. Where I live I deal with the same issue. I have a Vizio and I like to watch YouTube vids on it and do stuff on my laptop, my internet disagrees with that plan unfortunately. I use to have At&t and would never have this issue. Something I learned from my current provider may help is when I changed the "channel" of my wifi. Call your internet provider and ask for a website that lets you change the "channel". For me 1, 6, and 11 are the good channels. The site for me is something like this: "". Once there I logged in and under my speed (Wireless 2.4 GHz) I then changed the channel number. Right now 11 works for me. Of course this could all be useless if your provider doesn't have these same options but it works for me and hopefully you can use it to.


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  • Sounds like you have a crappy ISP or the wifi plan you signed up for does not help with all the devices.

  • Id say so, they can be hacked and info stolen and anything with a webcam can be hacked and people can watch you


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