Euro 2016: Who's going to be the Champions?

  • France
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  • Germany
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  • Italy
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  • England
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  • Belgium
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  • the companies making big money with it... And in the end, Germany wins.


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  • Spain or Germany for me. Germany just just have it all, however anything can still happen... Italy have a good chance too especially after how they played against Belgium an hour ago, they are a deadly team on the counter attacks and have a solid defense.

  • Its easy to say Germany since they just recently won the world cup and people are putting there money on them because the stakes are high for the Germans but I have a feeling some other team will win it. Trust me when big competitions like this are taking place FIFA is corrupt as fuck.

  • NOT FUCKING ENGLAND REEEEE, bloody roy should be publicly hung if we don't beat bales. I think it'll be the nazis winning

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