Do you think a PS3 console (backwards compatible with ps2 discs) with 5 games and one turtle beach headset for $90?

on Offerupnow. com is an extremely generous offer and great deal that you would happily take?

Right now, a seller on OfferUp is sell this for that exact price, which is an extremely rare deal for me to find for a PS3 console anywhere (online and in retail stores).
  • Hell yeah, that very generous.
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  • I would but air wouldn't feel so eager about it.
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"*I* wouldn't feel so eager..."


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude, that's too good an offer to pass up! That's an excellent deal!

    • definitely. Most people on craigslist and offerup would have sold a PS3 bundled with all of that accessories and games for somewhere between $180-200.

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  • BC ps3s are like, 70-100 at least. Turtle beaches are like 60 at minimum. The games don't matter. I'd go for it if its in good condition. Better check how many gigs tho. And make sure it comes with power cable and a controller. Lol.

    • It does, the seller has like 5 photos with all the parts and 2 controllers. It's a fat PS3 console so it's most likely somewhere between 40GB-80GB.

    • I mean id go for it.

  • I think it sounds like a fair/good deal!


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