Is anyone as excited for this Spidey game as I am?

Watch this trailer and tell me what you guys think about the game in the comments
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  • Not really... I find the Lego Marvel games provide a really satisfying superhero experience, and with a TON of superheroes.

    I do like that it's proper Spider-Man and not the precocious adolescent one from the Civil War movie.

    • Precocious adolescent one? He was 15 when he got them in the comics

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    • @ClariceOwen23 He makes wisecracks about the absurdity of the situations he faces. That indicates a self-awareness beyond just being a joker, he seems to know.

      Tobey Magquire played a better Spider-Man. The 1960s and 1990s animated series had a better Spider-Man. Spider-Man is meant to be a kid who's been pushed around all his life for being a brainer, and suddenly finds himself with super strength and agility. Nobody can touch him now, and all those years of pent-up jerkiness come flooding out. You saw just how extreme it got in Spider-Man 3 with the symbiote influencing him!

    • Yeah but he's really good at hiding it. It's hard to find an actor who can play him because it's like playing 2 different characters. He acts very different when he's wearing the mask vs when he's without it. Tobey did play a really good Peter Parker but I think he was meh as Spider-Man.

      As for this movie, he was only really there for one fight scene so we didn't see much of Peter. Also add the fact that they skipped his backstory this time. Taking all that into account, I think he was pretty good.

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  • I don't care too much for games like that.

  • Spider-Man's the bees knees.

  • I kind of fell out out of love with spiderman after stan lee's racist comment about only white guy can be spiderman.

    • Only white his should be Spider-Man, would you cast a white guy to play Mohammad Ali? No. Peter Parker is white, that's not racist. That's who he is.

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