GOT fans, what do you think of my predictions?

So as everyone knows Game of Thrones has overtaken the books and we're basically in unknown territory now. However there are only a three episodes left in the season. Here is how I predict the last few episodes will go down:

No Cleganebowl this season.
Tommen jumps from a window and dies.
Jon doesn't kill Ramsay straight away, he begins to beat him mercilessly until Sansa shows up and he's put in a cell (?) or something. He's later mauled by dogs in Episode 10. Unknown whether it's his hounds or Ghost that does it.
Cersei uses wildfire to burn the Sept. Many people die, including several Tyrells. It's a "Red Wedding-style" event.
Tormund kills Smalljon Umber. Just before, Umber is egging on his army by shouting 'Who owns the North?'.
Ian McShane plays the Hound's mentor. He and the rest of their group are killed by the Brotherhood without Banners. The Hound takes his revenge out on the BwB.
Rickon dies by Ramsay's arrows. He lets him run to Jon but he fires one that hits him. He dies in Jon's arms.
Jon becomes King in the North. The Mormonts (?) say they don't care that he's a bastard.
In Episode 10, we see Lyanna and a baby in the Tower of Blue Balls Joy. She whispers something we don't hear. It then cuts to Jon.
The Mountain kills Septa Unella.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Can you shorten that shit?

    • Well i've made multiple predictions, not one long one. You can read the first few if you like and then decide if you want to read the rest. Peace

    • I actually decided to read it after I submitted it. Seems really basic for a story this complex. The are still a lot of plots you didn't even mention

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  • I have not seen the last episode. Without spoiling, can anyone tell me if or what I have to prepare for upon viewing it?

  • They better make Dany a crazed villain at some point. Might actually give her dreadful character some depth.

    • From what we've seen in the latest episode at least some shit is finally starting to go down in meereen.

  • who kills the mountain?

    • Haven't figured that out yet but what do you think of them? Are they likely to happen?

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    • Despite what we heard last episode i still think the brothers clegane will fight at some point. And per my prediction of "no cleganebowl this season", I don't he will die until they do meet. So he might die, but probably not this season.

    • right, you mentioned that and it was the first thing you mentioned too. My bad lol.
      I'm hoping that Arya and Sansa can reunite but I don't think that will happen this season either

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