Did you watch the Sony E3 presentation?

I thought they crushed it. It was a great presentation from the big stage to the orchestra. And also they did barely any talking and just showed a ton of games. That's what fans want to see. There were 2 things that slightly disapointed me:
1. No big finale the start was stronger than the finish in my opinion
2. There was no Naughty Dog game I really want The Last of Us 2.

Everything was good. God of War looked great. Horizon Zero Dawn looked great. Detroit become human looked good as well to me. I'm not really into the Horror that much but people were really excited about it. And the VR looked like they had the best in the business so far, the most games and a pretty ok price. And there was not a lot of talking again that's always nice although I think Sony's presenters are usually not that bad even if they talk a lot they're better than other people I've seen.
Here are some of the best things they showed but the whole conference was worth watching because there was basically no boring bits at all.

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  • Uncharted 4 only just came out so I wasn't expecting Naughty Dog to already have The Last of Us sequel anywhere near ready. I expect another 2-3 years before it comes out which I'm fine with.

    I really love the standard bethesda set last year by only announcing a game the year it comes out like they did with Fallout 4. That made me and from what you can hear from the audience go bat shit crazy. I hate devs revealing a game 4 years before it comes out.

    But my interest in Days Gone has peaked a little but I won't get hopes high because it could be a complete bust but I hope it's not.

    I am very excited about the new Spiderman game since it won't be based off a movie and movie games always tend to suck. And it's being made by insomniac who are a great company so I have high expectations for that game.

    I also am excited for The Last Guardian but my expectations have dropped since it's just been revealed for sooo long that I'm worried it'll end up like Duke Nukem Forever.

    I'm also very interested in the new PS4K Neo. I hope it comes out this year cause I'll be getting that. Would love to play the skyrim remaster on that thing.


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  • No, been distracted with playing skyrim and having awesome mods on it. XD

    • I'm disapointed in you

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    • That's the conference I haven't watched yet cause I'm cooking, I watched all the others :P. I doubt Nintendo wrecked everybody though they haven't done well in a while.

    • Damn right they will with the legend of zelda. :P

  • So excited for god of war but days gone and the new Spider-Man game also look kick ass

  • I love resident evil.


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