Are there any Harry Potter fans hear that can explain something to me?

In the last movie when Harry is seeing one of snapes memories, why did Snape have to beg Dumbledore to help Harry's parents? And then Dumbledore responded with something like "what will you give me?". Is Dumbledore not actually that nice of a guy?


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  • Snape was looking out, protecting harry & making sure he was safe the entire time. Harry was snape's (main priority) playing both sides of the equation, you just dont find out till later on. He was in love with harry's mom and when she died he loved harry like a son even though harries mother never loved snape in return. Snape did everything he could since the birth of harry to keep him safe u just dont know it till later. And dumbledore isn't bad he just isn't willing to take action and the same risks for harry as snape did. Which was ultimately his life. .. Sadly. But Snape is my favorite btw🙃

    • So everyone was already in hiding and Dumbledore just didn't care about Lilly and Harry as much as Snape because snape loved her. And Dumbledore wasn't willing to risk that much for them because he wasn't that attached to them?

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    • All right thanks. That was really bugging me

    • Lol anytime. I watched those movies far to many times over when i was younger.

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