Who is going win NBA finals tonight?

  • Golden State Warriors duh
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  • Suck my dick Cleveland fans
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It's gonna be a Golden Shower tonight boyos baha


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  • Golden State, is the most overhyped team ever, and the bandwagoners are just awful.

    Lets watch and see what happens. I am hoping Lebron wins because I hate the offense golden state runs. All they do is convert quickly on in bounds plays (Super crucial, in fact they are the best team ever at it)
    Set screens, and look for 3s. Easy to figure out, hard to stop. Stopping them from scoring on an inbounds play is essential. the screens they set during an inbounds play is absolutely devastating, the best way to defend it, is to pressure the passer, and make sure defensive rotations are 100% spot on.
    Also forcing them to a half court set, is essential.
    If you dont, it is an automatic 3 point attempt, or lay up.

    Cavs offense is like the opposite, only time the ball moves is on fast breaks, LeBron is a ball stopper, and kyrie needs to create his own shot. That means a lack of touches for the role players.
    If Lebron an Kyrie take turns with the ball, and make sure they rotate on defense, it will be a good game.

    All GSW have to do is stop lebron from driving and they can guarantee a win


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