Where are the most beautiful holiday locations in the world?

İf you think from several aspect (religion, cultural, summer, and winter turism) where are the most beautiful holiday locations.


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  • The Pyramids out in Egypt, @conquer.
    However, with Isis Looking and Lurking, it may Not be The Best Right now.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

    • it's an honor to take an opinion from an expert thanks :-)

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    • You are welcome :-)

    • :)) xxoo

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  • It's Portugal.

    • İF you ask this question an escimo you hear greenland :-)

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    • My brother l dont Mick you dont get me wrong but portugal actually can not get in top 10 by anyone and anyway.

      Portugal's historical background does not so old.
      Beautiful country but İF you veluate several point of view not so highest. but l appraciate portugal. dont take offens :-)

    • No problem dude. It's just not very spoken, like any other small country that kinda go forgotton.

  • Montana