Supernatural fans.. Rather Cas leave the show or change to his normal voice (if he had to do one)?

So Mischa regrets doing the deep voice because he was never supposed to be a permanent character, and it kind of hurts his voice. So if he just one day spoke in his normal voice onwards would you be accepting? Perhaps they'd give some pathetic reason (his vessel was remade like Anna's once but his voice changed). Or just write him out so he doesn't change.

If you don't like him that doesn't factor in here please.
  • Change his voice
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  • Be written out then
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  • Not a fan but I shall remain respectful of those that like a show I don't.
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  • Imma troll no matter what.
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  • I'd be pissed if he got cut out of the show.
    I wouldn't care if he used his regular voice since the deep voice hurts his throat. It'd just take some time to get used to


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  • I get pissy when Cas doesn't show up for a few episodes, so I'd probably lose my shit if he got written out.

    • Me too. He's hilarious.
      I watched charmed again recently and an episode he's in - so young and sounds so different!

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